A More Prosperous Planet by Felipe Tudela

Renowned author, investor, and economic theorist, Felipe Tudela, shares his formula, explaining why some countries are wealthier than others. His goal is to give you the most effective way to achieve your full wealth potential, while strengthening the global economy for lasting mutual success.

Bringing entrepreneurs and the world together, while building and growing value and wealth, has never been easier. You will learn a path to success and profit where global synergy and personal strength form an everlasting, unbreakable bond.

Mr. Tudela, who has invested and traveled throughout the world, has seen this phenomenon up close in many regions from North America, to Asia, to Africa.

Tudela begins by explaining his discovery of the three vital elements that must be present for a nation to become wealthy, and why they must also be present for you to attain prosperity.

The author then shares his discovery of the three personal or business adjustments, corresponding to each one of those three elements, which you can easily apply to achieve a new level of prosperity without struggle. Once the changes are in place, the formula by itself operates its magic.

This book presents a new theory of economics that can be used by national leaders, organizations, and individuals in order to improve conditions globally.

Throughout the book, the reader is treated to a grand historical analysis where cause and effect are easy to spot. The result is an eye-opening discovery that creates a profound understanding of the meaning of freedom, the current condition of societies, and the path to more enlightened and robust economies.

This book could change your worldview forever. You will discover a simple and novel way to prosper, which you will be able to put into practice immediately after you finish reading it.

Readers will learn about:

  • The hidden driver of economic history and social revolutions as the powerful motivational force behind your personal and entrepreneurial wealth creation success.
  • Why third-world countries are today more backwards than 17th century England, and what could easily be done, with your help, to put them on the road to prosperity, growth, and success.
  • Why, perhaps most shockingly, a growing gap between the rich and the poor is needed for a country or an individual to grow and prosper.
  • What politicians don’t want you to know about elections,votes and the political process;knowledge that will help you increase and protect your wealth.
  • Economic theory and the key role of entrepreneurs  within  it: understanding   the  conditions  for  your personal and business success.
  • The IMF, the World Bank, and the death  of  money: what you should know about them to  protect  and increase your wealth and profits.
  • Bitcoin, digital currencies, the new world  economics, and how they bring entrepreneurs and the global market, through commerce, closer together.
  • The simple formula for the wealth of countries - and for your wealth too - with three easy steps you can follow to apply the formula to maximize your prosperity potential, and obtain results immediately.

What Readers are Saying 


"Felipe Tudela provides a novel explanation and a new meaning to the age old problem of why some nations are wealthier than others. His book is clear, concise, and goes to the root of the problem, showing that the wealth of countries depends on the worldview of their leaders and populations alike. Every person interested in world economics will benefit from owning this book."
-Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, Former United Nations Secretary General 

“A book that is packed with ideas and information -- and looks destined to be a classic.”
-Kevin Nunley, author, copywriter, business communication expert